Sanathana Dharma Foundation

We believe that it is crucial to inculcate positive values, good ethics and a deep-seated belief in God from a young age to play an important role in shaping a healthy, responsible and constructive society. 

With this in mind, Project Shakti was formed.  Project Shakti is an integrated initiative set up by the more than 100-year old Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam Bukit Rotan (previously known as the Sri Maha Mariamman Koil Bukit Rotan) to serve the Malaysian Indian Community. 

Besides serving as the instrument to build the new Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam, Project Shakti was also formed to specifically preserve and develop the existence and prevalence of spiritual, cultural and traditional Indian values and knowledge, as prescribed by its objectives or maargas. 

At Project Shakti, we believe that temples should double as essential communal centres and must serve as the platforms for social, educational and cultural activities, in addition to being hubs for religious activities. 

As such, building on from our on-going charitable activities, and in line with the abovementioned belief, we have envisaged the creation of an Indian Cultural Heritage and Spiritual Complex in Bukit Rotan, Kuala Selangor, to primarily achieve our pre-determined objectives or maargas and to serve as a vehicle to improve the overall health and societal well-being of the Indian community. 

However, we realise and anticipate that the scope of our activities and responsibilities will increase exponentially in conjunction with establishing the Indian Cultural Heritage and Spiritual Complex.  To that end, the Temple Committee of the Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam, in hand with Project Shakti have taken the precaution of setting up a Foundation. 

Carrying the name SANATHANA DHARMA FOUNDATION, this institution was set up with the express purpose to effectively carry out evolving responsibilities and obligations, as well as to protect the interests and assets of the Indian Cultural Heritage & Spiritual Complex. 

Under the umbrella of the Indian Cultural Heritage and Spiritual Complex, Project Shakti, through the auspices of Sanathana Dharma Foundation, has targeted the following five (5) undertakings:-

  1. Sri Shakti Devasthanam Bukit Rotan & Ancillary Utility Hall
  2. Ashramam (Hermitage)
  3. Vedic Institute
  4. Institute of Arts, Culture and Heritage
  5. Multi-Purpose Centre

The primary aims of the Indian Cultural Heritage & Spiritual Complex are to encourage and teach the Indian citizens of our country to move beyond self-interest, to inspire an institution of caring and accountability, and, to instil an unreserved commitment to society and country. 

In short, the Indian Cultural Heritage & Spiritual Complex can be described as a significant National Project towards the societal and spiritual development and well-being of the Indian community.  It will be a source of inspiration and centre for enhancement of spiritual values and Indian cultural heritage in Malaysia.  Additionally, in the years to come, we hope that the Indian Cultural Heritage & Spiritual Complex will excel and shine as a prominent cultural attraction in South East Asia. 

However, it will require a collective community effort to ensure the continued accomplishments of this organisation.  Together, let us strive to realise this dream!!