Saaktha Parikrama Yatra (51 Shakti Peedhams)

The Saaktha Parikrama Yatra, which took 15 months to complete, was initiated by Project Shakti to discharge a specific and crucial objective.  The goal of this unprecedented pilgrimage was to harness divine vibrations from all relevant Hindu holy sites  in order to enhance the spiritual footprint of our temple and also to complement its physical attributes. 

Therefore, in a historical undertaking never previously conducted by any individual, temple or other entity, Project Shakti organised a special pilgrimage to all the 51 Shakti Peedams (centres of worship consecrated to Mother Shakti) which are spread out over South Asia comprising several countries including India, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.  In addition, we also took the opportunity to include many other sacred Hindu sites and places of worship during this divine pilgrimage to derive additional blessings. 

Given the nature and complexity of this pilgrimage, it was crucial that the appropriate individuals be tasked with this responsibility.  To that end, Project Shakti commissioned Swami Raameshanantha Giri from Malaysia and Swamis Athmanantha Saraswathy and Nintiyanantha from India to undertake this important venture. 

Some of the sites visited include:

  • The 51 Shakti Peedams
  • The Thuasa (12) Jyothirlingam Temples
  • The Astha (8) Vinayagar Temples
  • The Aru (6) Padai Murugan Temples
  • The Astha (8) Bhairavar Temples
  • The 12 famous Vishnu and Perumal Temples
  • The Sapta Nadi (7) Divine Rivers

Prayers and a homa were conducted at all these places.  Furthermore, at each of the Shakti Peedham, a yantra (a geometric religious metal diagram) embossed with the bija (seed) mantra associated with the relevant deity was sanctified and a small amount of earth from each centre was collected. 

These yantras and earth will be installed below the manifestation of the Principal Deity (Mother Maha Mariamman) in the Shakti Temple.  Finally, in order to facilitate the proper worship of these 51 Shaktis, their representations have been installed around the Temple.  Manifestations of all 51 Shaktis have never previously been installed in a single temple anywhere else in the world.

We strongly believe that our pilgrimage to all the key Hindu sacred sites will bestow enormous divine blessings upon our new temple and its devotees.  In truth, our undertaking of this Saaktha Parikrama Yatra is truly a unique project in that, this will not only be the first pilgrimage of its kind undertaken for a temple in Malaysia, but one that comprises all the key Hindu holy sites that are still in existence to date.