Our Founder

“Proponents of all religions have the right to and, a duty to practice their religious beliefs.  As Hindus, we too have a sacred responsibility in playing our part to nurture the growth and relevance of our religious practices.  Additionally, it is crucial to inculcate positive values, good ethics and a deep-seated belief in God from a very young age, as these factors play an important role in shaping a healthy, rational, responsible and constructive society.  Therefore, temples should serve as platforms for social, educational and cultural activities, in addition to being hubs for religious activities.  As such, the construction of the Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam in Bukit Rotan is a manifestation of our aspiration to perform our dharma (duty) for our community and country” ~ Shivasri A. P. Muthu Kumara Shivachariyaar.

The heart behind Project Shakti is none other than Shivasri A. P. Muthu Kumara Shivachariyaar, more popularly known as Gurukkal.  Shivachariyaar requires no introduction to Malaysian Hindus for his commitment towards Hinduism is legendary.  In his youth, Shivachariyaar gave up a lucrative career to answer the call of Mother Maha Mariamman of Bukit Rotan.  He is amongst the first few non-Brahmins trained under the auspices of Sri Kanchi Kaamakoti Peedam and the World Hindu Council.  By the Grace of God, his Guru and through his intense dedication, our Shivachariyaar soon received both the Shiva and Sri Vidya Deeksha.

Since his return home to Malaysia in 1979, our Shivachariyaar has dedicated himself to the service of promoting our religion.  In the pursuit of his objective of creating awareness and imparting knowledge of our ancient and sacred religious rites to all Hindus, he has traveled to every nook and corner within Malaysia to deliver satsangs and perform poojas.  He has never declined any temple or organisation irrespective of how small or remote its location.  Indeed, Shivasri A. P. Muthu Kumara Shivachariyaar has conducted 997 kumbabhishegams or temple consecrations to date.  It will be a rare Malaysian Hindu indeed whom has not heard of our Shivachariyaar.

Besides being accessible to the public, Shivasri A. P. Muthu Kumara Shivachariyaar currently serves as an advisor to many Hindu organisations, including the Malaysia Hindu Sangam, the Hindu Dharma Mamandram and Rudra Devi Samaj.  He is also the founder President of the Persatuan Sankara Malaysia.  In recognition of his services, he was bestowed the title of Vedha Agama Jnaana Baaskarar by Mother Sai Matha Sivabrinda Devi.  In addition, he has been awarded the Malaysia Hindu Sangam’s highest honour of Sanga Ratna and the prestigious title of Vedhantha Sastra Jnaana Kumbabhishega Kulaphooshanam from the Malaysian Hindu Gurukkal Association.

Shivachariyaar’s travels throughout the country have given him an opportunity to observe the tangible problems of our community.  It is our Shivachariyaar’s deepest desire that with the assistance of fellow Hindus, we will be able to address and resolve some of these problems.  As such, our Shivachariyaar’s principal concern at present is the development of the Sanathana Dharma Foundation as a one–stop vehicle to inculcate and promote “The Hindu Way of Life” as a means of addressing these problematic issues at a grass-root level.


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