Project Shakti, and its subsequent evolvement into Sanathana Dharma Foundation, is a divine initiative focused on sustaining, safeguarding and strengthening the Hindu identity in Malaysia.  To achieve its aspirations of improving the overall health and societal well-being of the Indian community, Sanathana Dharma Foundation is driven by 6 fundamental objectives or maargas.

These 6 maargas will be embodied in a Hindu Cultural Heritage and Spiritual Complex coming up in Bukit Rotan.  The complex will primarily comprise of the following undertakings:-

1. Aagama Maarga – To promote and propagate Vedic & Hindu practices.  This maarga will be realised by means of the Sri Shakti Devasthanam Bukit Rotan & Veda Aagama Gurukulam.

  • The Sri Shakti Devasthanam Bukit Rotan – Boasting complex architectural elements, intricate sculptural details and many other unique features, the Sri Shakti Devasthanam Bukit Rotan exemplifies the best of Indian architecture in Malaysia.  Undoubtedly the crown jewel of the Foundation, the Temple will be consecrated on 25th April 2013.  And we are proud to be able to bequeath this treasure to our community and Malaysia.
  • The Veda Aagama Gurukulam  – The Gurukulam will play a crucial role in reducing the community’s considerable dependency on foreign Hindu spiritual consultants by providing the opportunity to chart our own development and growth in this specialised discipline.

2. Kriyaa Maarga – To rejuvenate spiritual interest and promote Hindu ideology.  This maarga will be realised through the Ashramam (Hermitage).

  • Ashramam (Hermitage) – The Ashramam will serve as a holistic setting towards mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation.  Through its varied activities and courses, the Ashramam will teach and promote the Hindu way of life as articulated in our Hindu Scriptures.

3. Jnaana Maarga – To promote research, education and awareness of Hinduism.  This maarga will be realised through the establishment of the Hindu Institute.

  • The Hindu Institute – The Institute will serve as a comprehensive “one-stop information and research Centre” for Hindu practices, arts, culture, heritage and legacies.  Incorporating all the necessary amenities, the principal purpose of the Institute is to clarify, preserve, protect and propagate the Hindu identity.

4. Karma Maarga – To undertake social and dharmic activities.  Some of the projects will include:-

  • A Multi-Purpose Centre – The multi-purpose centre will operate as a venue towards the promotion of charitable schemes for the welfare and socio-economic development of the community.
  • Rudra Bumi Project – To protect and upgrade existing Hindu cemeteries.

5. Vithya Maarga – To promote the cause of education.

  • By adopting Tamil schools and offering essential assistance required to transform these schools into high performing education facilities, and
  • Establishing an educational trust fund to assist underprivileged children from the community.

6. Kalaa Maarga – To preserve and promote our ancient fine arts.

  • By undertaking activities that will inculcate, endorse and encourage the practice of our treasured traditional Indian fine arts

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